Welcome to Eco Lifestyle Kits

Kia Ora & Kia Orana!

Mahana Blundell, founder and designer of ELK, Eco Lifestyle Kits and eco-friendly essential products


I’m Mahana, and Eco Lifestyle Kits is my passion project.


I was born on a beautiful little island in the Pacific - Rarotonga of the Cook Islands! At 4 years of age I moved with my family to live in another beautiful country, Aotearoa - New Zealand. 


If you hadn’t already guessed, I am super passionate about animals, people and Papatūānuku - Mother Earth.


Eco Lifestyle Kits was born to inspire! Now more than ever we need to be the kaitiaki, guardians, of our home, protecting and preserving all who live among her.


Through recent travels, I became increasingly aware of how tourism is having detrimental effects on the environment. My aroha for the world and a yearning to immerse myself in it was greatly contradicted by my actions and how I travelled.


From using chemical based sunscreen, to shopping fast fashion, to plastic packaged food and drink waste, to using multiple single use beauty products, combined with a classic 'throw it away & get a new one' mentality, I was contributing heavily to the environmental damage of our eco systems. How did i come to realise this? The proof was right in front of me! in every city/country we visited - birds trying to eat plastic, litter in the streets, clothes spewing out of clothing bins, used nappies dumped at the beach, gunk polluting streams and lakes.


After attending a seminar in early 2019, hosted by the wonderful and extremely inspiring Dr Jane Goodall, I was convinced that our ability to build a sustainable and healthy world is, and always has been, at the tip of our fingers! Hence, Eco Lifestyle Kits was born.


Human activity is driving climate change, therefore WE can change its course.  Our efforts combined will make a positive impact on our environment and our future. It starts with each and every one of us and while it will never be perfect, it can certainly be better.

Girl on skateboard carries her Travel ELKJaz carries her mini ELK in her backpack

My sincerest dream is not to be a financially successful business, but rather to successfully inspire a mindset shift among consumers of today and foster positive lifestyle changes that nurture and heal our planet instead of destroying it.


Thanks for standing with me! Kia Orana e Kia Manuia