Kia Ora & Kia Orana
We want to be completely open and honest with you about our products and day to day business operations. If your question cannot be answered below, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for taking an interest!


Our Products


Where are your products made and who makes them?

  • All bags are made by our founder Mahana in her home sewing studio in Auckland, Aotearoa.


Where do you source your fabrics and materials for the bags?

  • Our jute we purchase from Simply Jute, a NZ owned company who import this from SEDEX registered manufacturers in India & Sri Lanka
  • Our lining fabrics are a combination of donated offcuts/deadstock fabric from local fashion designers to save them from landfill and we purchase our calico cotton from Morelands & The Fabric Store.


What does SEDEX registered mean?

  • Manufacturers who are SEDEX registered means they commit and adhere to sourcing responsibly and having an ethical and sustainable supply chain. 


What are your zips made of?

  • Brass metal zippers and polyester tape sourced from YKK Oceania Ltd. Unfortunately polyester is a form of plastic so the zips are not 100% environmentally friendly. However, due to its durability and long life-span, the zips can be reused time and time again. We are currently on the lookout for brass metal zippers with cotton tape.


Do you use cotton or polyester thread?

  • We use Scanfil 100% organic cotton thread for our calico lined bags. Our other colour variations often require matching thread and so we use matching organic thread where we can but if a colour isn't available, we will use polyester.


How do I clean my jute bag?

  • We recommend spot cleaning only
  • Do not machine wash or tumble dry, hand wash only
  • Air dry laid flat or draped over a line away from direct sunlight - do not wring or twist the wet fabric
  • Jute is very brittle and can easily stain so handle with care
  • All products that could potentially break or leak and stain should be stored in the silicone ziplock bag that we sell as part of the full travel kit or can also be purchased separately


Why choose jute as the main fabric for our bags?

  • Jute is a vegetable fibre that can be spun in to strong thread and is one of the most sustainable and eco friendly fabrics available
  • Jute is 100% biodegradable and recyclable/repurposed
  • A hectare of these plants will consume about 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and release 11 tonnes of oxygen aka good for us and good for the planet!
  • Cultivating jute in crop rotations enriches the fertility of the soil for the next crop and does not generate toxic gases if burnt
  • Jute thrives in tropical lowland areas with humidity of 60% to 90% so is best grown in South Asia hence why it needs to be imported as there are no jute manufacturers in NZ
  • Most importantly, if our elk bags ever end up in landfill, they will naturally and safely degrade! (minus the zips & press studs of course)


Packaging & Shipping


How will my order be packaged?

  • We wrap our orders in recycled brown Kraft paper, brown paper tape with non-toxic adhesive and a pretty hessian twine bow
  • Some smaller items we wrap in repurposed tissue paper from our Smartass toilet paper delivery - don't worry, we remove the tissue paper before the rolls are placed in our bathrooms!
  • We then send all orders in an R3 compostable courier bag - these are home and commercially compostable, just chop it in to small pieces and throw in to your compost bin


How long does it take for my order to get to me?

  • If you order essential items then these are packaged an shipped the next day
  • If you order one of our Eco Lifestyle Kits, estimated delivery is 2-3 weeks from date of purchase as these are made upon order


Charities & Donations


How much do you donate to charity and how often?

  • We will donate 10% of profit to charity annually - as we are a very small and new start up business, we are not yet financially able to donate as often as we would like so at this stage can only commit to donating annually
  • Our first donation was made in November 2020 to WWF Australia to help with bush fire recovery and conservation efforts


Which charities do you donate to?

  • We do not have set charities that we donate to however every year we will select either an animal welfare, community or environmental organisation to donate to, or a combination of the three depending on how profitable the business has been for the year
  • We will post on social media which charities have received our donations so that you can see who you've supported through your purchases :)