Kappi 1000ml Silicone Ziplock Bag


Made from silicone (no BPA or nasty chemicals that come in normal plastic ziplock bags!)


- Non-toxic & BPA Free

- Leak-proof and airtight, easy to clean

- Pop-out bottom to sit upright when full

- Size 1L: 20cm Wide x 17.5cm High


Is Silicone biodegradable?

No. But it can be easily recycled. Silicone products can be quickly broken down by specialised recycling companies and repurposed into things like oil for industrial lubricants and mulch for playgrounds. Check with your local council to see if they have a silicone recycling system in place.


From the supplier's website - "Our products are made from a few carefully hand-selected manufacturers in China. Emphasis has been made to ensure our manufacturers satisfy industry regulations and that employees are treated ethically."

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